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Part 2: A&M Dining Goes Green


 By Nastasia Morris

COLLEGE STATION-- Texas A&M University Dining is going green and not letting anything go to waste. Abc40's Nastasia Morris gives us a behind the scenes look at how food scraps become fuel in part two of her two part series.

The scraps of food left on these trays has a long journey ahead.

"We can't put food scraps in our vehicles but they do contain energy," says David Riddle, Executive Director of Dining Services.

The scraps get scraped into 50 gallon drums. Those drums are then picked up and taken to Terrabon's facility in Bryan. The scraps go through a fermentation process and eventually become gas, jet fuel, or diesel.

Riddle says the technology Terrabon uses comes from A&M. "That had been developed in the department of engineering and the Texas engineering experiment station and Dr. Mark Holtzapple was the researcher," explained Riddle.

Riddle says providing the company with food scraps saves Dining Services money. "Everything we take, a ton of waste to the landfill, we're charged for it and those charges have been reduced by half."

With 14-thousand meals served a day there's plenty of leftovers. "I think it's good they're using scraps for something. I know a lot of people waste a lot of food," said freshman Katherine Turner.

20 tons of food gets recycled per month, but that's not all. A&M dining also sends the waste from food prep to Brazos Valley Recycling. There these machines turn it into mulch.

Amanda Mancuso with Brazos Valley Recycling says when it comes to going green A&M is ahead of other Universities.

"I think it's actually one of the only Universities in the State that is doing a food waste diversion program involving compost."

One student says she's satisfied to learn where everything ends up."I'm glad that my scraps have a higher purpose," said freshman Caroline Hattox.