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Railroad Police Sting to Catch Violators


The city of College Station got its name from having a college and a train station. With all the trains that still drive through town, train safety if a top priority.

Railroad crossing arms are at intersections for a reason, but people still seem to go past them and get into accidents.

Today officers partnered with Union Pacific Railroad for a sting to catch drivers ignoring warnings.

The Brazos Valley has be impacted by deaths caused from train accidents.

Brazos County Constable, Jeff Reeves said, "We have one to two to three every year it seems like here locally, and of course one is too many."

And the accidents are preventable.

"Than main issue with this is safety. We're trying to save lives" said Reeves. "We want people to think before they go across those tracks in the motor vehicles or on foot, either one."

College Station and Texas A&M Police as well as Brazos  County Constables were all out today monitoring the railroad crossings between Rock Prairie and F&B road.

"What we've seen today is people running through the arms or stopping on the tracks. Also had some people stopping past the stop line," said Sgt Blain Krauter of College Station Police Department. "We have cars that are getting right up on the track, and the train does hang over about 3 foot on either side, so those cars could get struck."

The experienced conductors have seen a lot a appreciate the sting to get justice for violators.

"They like seeing us out here working these, because it scares them to death when they come through town, cause people take so many chances with these trains," said Reeves. "They don't want to hurt people."

A train going 50 miles per hour could take the driver over a mile to come to a complete stop.

"A train and a motor vehicle is a major crash. Likelihood of death is great during that," said Sgt Krauter. "We have one to two to three every year it seems like here locally, and of course one is too many."

The sting operation today resulted in 20 tickets and 8 warnings. All in an effort to help keep drivers safe.