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BVAA opens first milk donation site for premature babies in Bryan


by:Elizabeth O'Neal

BRYAN - Community healthcare leaders in Bryan and College Station celebrated the grand opening of the Mothers Milk Bank at Austin's first collection site at the Brazos Valley Action Agency WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) office in Bryan.

Now, mothers across the Brazos Valley can help save lives by donating their breast milk. Kay Jarrett, the director of the BVAA WIC Office, said this is one of the most fantastic programs she's ever heard of. 

"I think its absolutely critical because if you have a premi with medical problems and they cannot get donor milk it's a death sentence and so were enabling our moms to actually save lives," Jarrett said.

The Mothers Milk Bank in Austin is one of the largest non-profit suppliers of donor human milk to hospitals across Texas.

The City of Bryan was strategically chosen by the executive director of the milk bank, Kim Updegrove, because of the incredible response from the community.

"It makes sense here because we have a large child bearing population. We have women who have been dedicated for the last 11 years to supply milk to these pre-term infants, so we have accumulated over the past 10 years about 12,000 ounces of milk donated from this area," Updegrove said.

Cuilin Qin is a local mom from College Station who has donated almost 10 gallons of her own milk to the milk bank.

Qin said,"It's my honor that I can help by doing just small things. I can actually help some babies save their life."

Baby Liam, who came to the grand opening today, weighed about one pound when he was born and he is just one example of a life saved by donor milk.

"How much better can it get? Than to actually do something that only you can do and your doing it not only for your infant but also saving someone else's infant," Kay Jarrett said.

The Brazos Valley Action Agency WIC office is located at 3408 S. Texas Avenue in Bryan.

To learn more about donating breast milk go to their Web site here or call the milk bank in Austin at 1-877-813-6455