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150 New signs coming to Bryan-College Station


BRYAN/COLLEGE STATION- As Texas A&M joins the South Eastern Conference this coming fall, many changes are coming to the area.

Both the City of Bryan and the City of College Station have decided to put money toward a way-finding program to help the thousand's of new tourists find different destinations around town.

"The SEC, I think no one really knows what this is going to mean to the community." Executive Director of the Bryan/College Station Visitor's Bureau Shannon Overby said, "It's going to be huge, within 3 hours of announcing the football schedule the majority of our hotels sold out for every game."

With thousands of visitors heading to the area, both the City of Bryan and College Station approved a new way-finding program.

"When you have one way street you get off the freeway and you have to go two miles to go back to where you have to turn," Wayne Edwards said, "So there's strategic locations where a good sign would come in handy."

Phase one of the program includes 150 signs around the twin cities that will direct people to 11 different destinations. Those include: Kyle field, Blinn College, Veterans Park, Central Park, Northgate, Downtown Bryan, Wolf Pen Creek and the George Bush Library.

"The visitors are going to be coming in from everywhere," Overby said, "There going to have a hard time finding Kyle Field so we wanted to make sure that we had those signs in place."

The first phase of the program costs $400,000 dollars and is being funded by both city's hotel occupancy tax money.

"It's being paid for by the visitors to our community, and it benefits the visitors," Overby said.

"If it's a nice looking sign I don't see anything wrong with it," Bush Library Volunteer Edwards said, "The more information you have out the easier it is for people to get around."

The deadline for all 150 signs is the end of August to get ready for the first football game on September 8th.

In the future the visitors bureau says phase two will be adding signs for restaurants and parking.