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Neighbors react after accused murderer arrested


BRYAN- A capital murder suspect wanted in Florida for allegedly killing his own daughter was arrested in Bryan Wednesday.

A warrant was issued Wednesday for 30 year old Shawn Baxter out of Pasco County, Florida for murdering his two month old daughter.

"Our detectives responded to the subjects residence about 1 p.m. yesterday and made contact with the subject," Bryan Police Officer Jon Agnew said,  "He was cooperative and did work with detectives and was placed under arrest for the warrant."

Baxter was arrested at a house on the 500 block of Tatum Street in Bryan.

Neighbors say they often saw Baxter outside on the driveway, and when they saw him arrested they were shocked.

"Scary, shocking, that used to be my aunt's home and she sold it," Judy Hodges said, "and it's scary, it's a lot of memories. Nothing like that every happened before in the neighborhood."

In December 2011 Pasco County Sheriff's Department responded to Baxter's home in Spring Hill, Florida where they found his two month old daughter, Katie, in medical distress.

In February, Katie passed away in the hospital. A medical examiner confirmed Katie Baxter died from trauma to the head, that's when police ruled her death a homicide.

Neighbors say Baxter recently moved in to the house on Tatum Street and was living with his mother.

"I've only seen him a couple times," Hodges said, "And I didn't even think of it, just passing by and there's always kids out in the road over there."

Tonight Hodges can sleep a little better knowing an accused murderer is no longer her neighbor.

"It's concerning and the good thing is he is in custody right now working with law enforcement," Officer Agnew said, "So that should put everyone at ease, he is off the street."

Baxter is in the Brazos County Jail with no bond, waiting to be extradited back to Florida.