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College Station: Stricter Recall Rules Proposed


-ABC40 Staff

COLLEGE STATION-- The city of College Station could be making some changes when it comes to recalling city officials. A commission appointed by the City Council looked at other charters across Texas to try and make College Station's similar to others.

They decided to make several changes including clarifying different sections and addressing the recall rules. If a community would like to recall a council member they would have to have a specific reason. It would also require that only the people who voted in the election of the person who is being recalled, can be the ones to sign the petition.

Commission Chair, Lynn McIlhaney explained further, "Someone could walk in and say, 'I don't like the fact that you're wearing a blue tie,' and start a recall. And so in looking at other city charters, a majority of them had reasons for a recall."

McIlhaney says the reasons for a recall would be malfeasance in office, misconduct in office and incompetence. There will be public hearings in July. If the council decides to vote, that election will be in November.