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12 victims of credit card abuse in the Brazos Valley


BRAZOS VALLEY- A couple from Bryan is accused of credit card scams across the Brazos Valley and now the secret service is taking over the investigation.

The Navasota Police Department says it started back in February when victims started to complain their credit cards were being used the Wal-Mart in Navasota.

In March, police arrested 30 year old Oelecia Toliver and 31 year old David Hester while they were purchasing an item at the same Wal-Mart.

Police found 12 credit cards with Hester and Toliver's name on them, however, the magnetic strip information was from a different account.

Chief of Police Shawn Myatt said, "What they were doing was working at different establishments, they had their own personal skimmer," Myatt said,"So a customer would come in and purchase a meal or whatever use their credit or debit card. They would use their personal skimmer which stored the information from the victim."

Police say the two worked at local businesses in Brazos County and would use the stolen credit card information at the Wal-Mart in Navasota and Brenham.

Chief Myatt says to prevent this from happening to you, take precautions by checking your bank statements daily.

"Keep your receipts and know all your transactions." Myatt said, "Check online if you do online banking, make sure all the transactions are current."

Navasota Police say right now only 12 credit card accounts were stolen that they know of, and there could be more victims.

Toliver is being held by the secret service at this time and charged with ten counts of credit card abuse. Hester is in the Grimes County jail charged with four counts of credit card abuse.