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Hybrid Garbage Truck in College Station could save the city thousands


COLLEGE STATION- The city of College Station is one of the first in the state and in the Brazos Valley to go green while picking up garbage.

With the help of a grant from the Department of Energy a new hybrid garbage truck is starting to make it's way around neighborhoods in College Station.

The city's Sanitation Superintendent Wally Urrutia said,"It's better for the environment, cost effective, the maintenance costs, operations costs less, its a great vehicle for our community."

Urrutia says the hybrid truck will save enough gallons of gas a year to be comparably cost efficient.

"We're anticipating 40 percent in reduction of cost for fuel compared to our other conventional trucks," Urrutia said.

And while you might not see a difference, the truck is working hard to protect the environment.

"This vehicle is made for the residential collection applications." Urrutia said,"The more you stop and go is how it conserves that energy restores it into hydraulics and pushes the truck forward."

The hybrid truck could save the city several thousand dollars a year, making the maroon garbage truck a little greener each day.

The hybrid truck costs around $400,000 dollars but the city was awarded a $110,000 dollar grant to help buy the truck.