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Murder Trial: Victim's brother and best friend testify


BRAZOS COUNTY- Tuesday marks the second day in the murder trial of 47 year old Stanley Griffin.

The victim's brother and best friend were just a few that testified during trial today.

Jason Hailey was first on the scene the morning of the murder. He took the stand trying to remember every moment from September 20th, 2010.

"She was laying on her back, her hair was stuck to her face... her body was cold and clammy," Hailey said.

He attempted CPR and told jurors he could see Jennifer Hailey's tongue hanging out of her mouth blocking her airway.

"I stopped doing CPR and thought my sister was dead, so I immediately wanted to know who did it, and I asked questions like what the guy was wearing and how he was built," Jason Hailey said while grabbing a tissue.

When Hailey's best friend and coworker Christina Camp got the phone call that morning detectives asked her about the suspect.

"He said I need to know if you can tell me anybody that fits the description of a tall, slender, black male."Camp said, "For some reason right off the bat, I said Stanley Griffin because that's the only person I knew that Jennifer knew with that description."

Both Christina and Jennifer Hailey knew Griffin through a mutual co-worker who had dated him. She also told jurors there were many days all of them would hang out after work.

Next on the stand was Detective Travis Lacox who arrested Griffin the day of the murder and testified to seeing fresh wounds on his elbow. Before the arrest pictures were taken documenting the wounds Griffin had on his arm and entered into evidence.

If Griffin is convicted of capital murder, prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty.