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Experts classify Griffin as mild mentally retarded


BRYAN- More psychologists took the stand to talk in detail about Stanley Griffin's childhood and intellectual disabilities Wednesday.

Psychologist Jolie Brams testified about Stanley Griffin's childhood today after interviewing his family: all his aunts, friends, and his mother.

"We go back in his history and there clearly is a link between the manner in which he was raised, lack of relationship with his mother, the family and the adult man Stanley Griffin is today," Brams said.

Brams said Stanley's decision making process could be influenced by his low IQ and abusive childhood.

"When children, especially those with low intelligence, are exposed to domestic violence, lack of unpredictability, loud uncaring care givers, it greatly hurts the developing brain," Brams said.

The defense brought another psychologist to the stand who said Stanley Griffin met all three criteria's for the clinical definition of mental retardation.

First is an IQ of 70 or below (Standard Error Measurement of 75), Second is deficits of at least two areas of adaptive functioning and the diagnosis happened before the age of 18.

"In terms of functional capabilities he brings to the real world real decision making he is functioning in a way that is synonymous with mental retardation," Clinical and Forensic Psychologist Dr. Mark Cunningham said.

Doctor Cunningham went into detail about Griffin's IQ of 73 still fits within the classification of mental retardation due to standard error measurement.

"There is very little different between somebody who is in the MR classification or slightly above it if their functioning decision making is equivalent," Doctor Cunningham said.

Doctor Cunningham diagnosed Stanley Griffin with mild mental retardation.

According to state law if the jury finds Stanley mentally retarded he cannot receive the death penalty.

Only two witnesses took the stand Wednesday and it is unclear if the defense will bring in more tomorrow.