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Impact of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on health care


Reactions have been swift after the Supreme Court upheld the health care plan Thursday where it is constitutional to require health insurance. Congressman Bill Flores called the plan a $1.8 trillion dollar mistake that will drive up health care costs and make it harder for small businesses to hire more workers. While governor Rick Perry called the ruling a stomach punch to the American economy.

Texas will feel the effects of the law more than others. The state has the highest rate of uninsured in the country according to doctor Monica Wendel. She also said Texas is ranked 51st for mental health care. Brazos County is seeing similar stats.  Almost 25% of the community is without health insurance. 

 "It does contain a mandate that every American will have insurance," President of the Texas A&M Health and Science Center Dr. Nancy Dickey said.  "Or pay a tax penalty for choosing not to, and that's probably the most immediate and direct impact on an individual." Dr. Dickey also says that Texas will be working to find easier ways to help people get insurance. "I think you're going to see a lot of activity here in the state of Texas," Dr. Dickey said.  "In terms of how the Medicaid expansion will work.  I think you'll see a lot of activity in the state about the insurance exchange, and maybe some activity in the state in terms of how to encourage more employers to offer health insurance to their employees."

However, even with the mandate Wendel says there will still be millions of people without insurance who may choose to not carry and pay the tax instead.