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Correctional officer brutally beaten in local prison


By: Stephanie Jacksis

GATESVILLE - An inmate at a local prison brutally beat one of their correctional officers Friday.

The officer's identity has not been released, but authorities say she's a 30-year-old officer at the Mountainview Unit.

Inmates were having breakfast in the offender chow hall, when 22-year-old Britney Gulley violently attacked a correctional officer. 

Around 6:30 a.m., Gulley grabbed a plastic water pitcher and repeatedly hit the officer until she fell to the ground.  That's when the inmate began kicking her and stomping on her rib cages.

The unit immediately went on a lock down, but has since come off lock down at this point.

The officer had to get four stitches on her upper lip, has possible fractures on her face, and suffered several broken ribs.

While TDCJ authorities said the attacks don't happen often, they did say it's something they try to prevent.

"You do have correctional officers that work in penitentiaries, and unfortunately, you do have offenders that assault staff," TDCJ spokesman Jason Clark said.  "It's a part of the challenges that correctional officers face day in and day out, dealing with an inmate population that sometimes gets violent."

Gulley is now in a pre-hearing detention where she's isolated from all other inmates.

Gulley was originally arrested out of Dallas in January 2008.  She's responsible for a string of shootings and robberies that left two people dead, and a third person blind in both eyes.

The offender was transferred to Gatesville in October 2009; she was sentenced to 60 years in prison for murder, but extra time could be added after this latest offense.