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Woman Killed in Caldwell, 15 Year Old Assaulted


CALDWELL- A woman is dead in Caldwell after the teenage grand-daughter says the boyfriend shot her. 

At around 11 a.m. Friday morning the 15 year old grand daughter of the victim ran away from her house and found a patrol car.  There she told the officer that she had just escaped from a "situation" and felt her grandma had been shot police say.  The girl also said that she had been sexually assaulted.

"That morning approximately about 6:30, the grandma had been shot," Department of Public Safety trooper Jimmy Morgan said.  "She had actually been assaulted in the house, and she had escaped from the house to notify police."

The names of the deceased and the grand daughter are being held until families can be notified.  However, the girl says 51 year old Edward Clinton Lee shot her grandma.  Lee is currently in Burleson County Jail and is a registered sex offender and boyfriend of the deceased. 

The shooting happened at a house on the intersection of Fawn and North Stone.  Police got to the house and blocked off the area at around 11:30 a.m. hours after the grand daughter says Lee shot her grandma. 

"She was being assaulted," Morgan said.  "The first opportunity she got to escape is when she did."

It took police around an hour and a half to talk Lee out of the house, but they finally arrested him.  Throughout that time, officers blocked off the streets and had nearby day cares on lock down. 

"It's not everyday your neighbor, the house next door something like this happens," said Britt Lloyd who lives next door.  "It was a scary situation all day, we were on edge."

Nobody outside of the home was injured throughout the situation.

"My daughter, my three year old daughter's room is right there," Lloyd said.  "And to hear a gun shot was fired or she was killed in some way, obviously we were concerned."

Lloyd said he didn't hear anything and went through his morning as normal as ever.  He also says he's surprised by what happened because Lee never seemed like the kind of guy who would really harm anyone. 

"It's unfortunate, they had a good relationship," Lloyd said.  "So our prayers go out to their family and hopefully they can get through this."

Police are still looking into why this all happened.  Morgan says Lee is cooperating as the Texas Rangers go on with the investigation.