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Body of Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale Comes Home


COLLEGE STATION- A College Station family and a community remembered the life of Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale when his body came home on Wednesday. 

After arriving at Austin, a line of veterans rode on their motorcycles as an escort for Lt. Col. Tisdale to College Station.  They got at the funeral home hours later for a visitation from seven to nine on Wednesday night.

However, for some of the riders, they didn't even know they were going to be riding until hours before. 

"As soon as I got the word I hopped on my bike and headed out," said William Dell, an army veteran who joined the procession. 

Dell says there were a lot of others just like him.  He said it was important to show their respect. 

"So many people have given their lives," Dell said.  "Not just in life and death, but the sacrifices they make on a daily basis to defend and support our country.  It's important that we acknowledge that when they finally pay the ultimate price."

After getting to College Station, they drove through the Texas A&M University campus.  Many people from the community people put their Independence Day celebrations on hold to show their respect.

"I had a son who spent six years and had three tours of duties overseas," said Linda Workman as she was waiting on campus.  "And I just hope people would give him that respect."

Workman says it was important for her and friends to pay tribute. 

"To make an appearance," she said.  "To make people think what we need to do with our fallen soldiers.  Why we need to be here with them you know, and show our respect for them."

Others also showed up along the way bringing their kids.  One mother said she wanted to stress the importance of the occasion to her child. 

For the bikers, it was probably a nice, peaceful ride from Austin.  Dell agreed, but said everyone knew it was a serious occasion. 

"It was very somber," Dell said.  "Very respectful, nobody treated it like it was a party.  Nobody treated it like it was a parade.  We all knew what we were there for.  We were there to honor a soldier who had fallen."

The funeral service for Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale will start at two p.m., Thursday afternoon at the Central Baptist Church in College Station.