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Brenham homeowner holds burglar at gunpoint


WASHINGTON COUNTY- A Brenham man is behind bars after a homeowner caught him breaking into his garage.

The Washington County Sheriff's office believes the suspect was on drugs at the time of the burglary.

It all started this morning at 6:45 when a woman saw an unknown male in her garage. Officials say the woman's husband confronted 31 year old Brandon Ray with a handgun and told him to get on the ground.

Police arrived at the home on the 14000 block of Highway 105 in Washington and found evidence of unusual behavior.

"He was crawling on top of the vehicles." Narcotics Investigator with the Sheriff's Office Kyle Kokemoor said, "There was shoe prints matching his all over the top of the vehicle, all around and inside as well."

The Sheriff's Office is not releasing the exact address of the home at this time. Kokemoor says Ray may not even remember where he was during the burglary.

"His behavior was consistent with PCP or bath salts or synthetic marijuana with hallucinations, very incoherent and unstable," Kokemoor said.

George Roberson Junior lives across the street and says this type of situation is rare out in the country.

"I never seen nothing like that around here, we haven't had any problems at all." Roberson said, "I just see someone passing on the road."

Officials are still not sure how Ray ended up in a garage off Highway 105. There were no signs of any vehicles and they believe he may have been walking through the woods.

"It looked like he had been wandering in the woods for awhile." Kokemoor said, "He didn't have a shirt on, just pants and shoes. He was filthy with mud and dirt all over his body."

Roberson says the talk around town has similar reaction, "Strange... It's just weird."

And even though burglaries are uncommon out here, Roberson says he will be more cautious from now on.

"I'll be on the lookout for whatever goes on, I'll be more alert," Roberson said.

Ray is being held at the Washington County Jail charged with burglary of a habitation pending a bond hearing.