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BVCOG helping families transition off government assistance


BRAZOS VALLEY- The Brazos Valley Council of Governments provides housing assistance to over 1,600 throughout the Brazos Valley.

The agency has the highest proportion of families participating in a program to get them off government assistance.

As of now around 300 families across the Brazos Valley are enrolled in the Family Self Sufficient Program provided by the BVCOG.

"This is about families inspiring families to transition off of government assistance," Program Manager Judson Brown said.

Dolores Franklin spoke to families on Monday, giving them strength to achieve their goals.

"It's an opportunity that's there you just have to reach out and grab it." Franklin said, "Their offering it to you take it , take the opportunity. That's one thing about most of us is we won't make the effort to step out to take this opportunity. If you don't step out and take opportunity there is no one to help you."

This program is a way to break the cycle of poverty and give families the tools to find their dream jobs.

"We work one on one in partnership with our families to help them set goals for themselves to obtain employment, training or education in order to obtain employment," Judson said.

Franklin graduated from the program 9 years ago and is working as an Executive Assistant at Walgreens.

In the last two years the program has seen 30 success stories just like Franklin's.

"Don't do it my way, let my life be an example, let me show you of a way it can be done," Franklin said, "And the FSS Program is one of the sources that's here that many people don't know about that can help people get their life started on the right track."

And that track is to achieve independence and success rather than stay in a dependant state.

The BVCOG's Self Sufficiency Program was awarded the largest grant in the state of Texas for their achievements in getting families involved. The grant was a total of $552,000 dollars.