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Marijuana Raid Ends in over 2,000 Plants Seized


By Adam Hammons

WASHINGTON COUNTY- A drug raid Friday morning ends with two arrested and over 2,000 marijuana plants uncovered.

Through a separate investigation, the Drug Enforcement Administration found the location of a marijuana operation in Washington County.  Along with the County Sheriff's office and Brenham Police, they raided the field at 7:30 Friday morning.

The DEA have not filed any charges as of Friday night so no names have been released. 

Investigators found several small fields and one large field containing plants ranging in height from three feet to eight feet. They found over 2,000 plants on the property off of highway 105 north of Brenham on Husemann Road.   

The DEA did not return a phone call Friday night, but the Washington County Sheriff's office says the men worked next door to the fields, and planted the marijuana on private property owned by a person who is out of state. 

"It's a piece of property that's covered in trees," narcotics investigator Kyle Kokemoor said over the phone.  "And what they do is they plant the marijuana plants in the midst of all the trees.  So they try to use the trees as camouflage in case an airplane flies over or a helicopter flies over.  And in this case it didn't work very well because you can still spot it from the sky."

Kokemoor says there were signs that there could have been three men. However, he says they haven't found any proof of a third man and no other arrests have been made as of Friday night.