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Rail yard proposed in Robertson County could mean jobs

Rail yard proposed in Robertson County could mean jobs


By Adam Hammons and Sabrina Reed

ROBERTSON COUNTY--Union Pacific has made plans to build a new rail yard in Robertson County between Mumford and Hearne. However, land owners aren't too happy with the idea as city officials say the project would have a big economic impact.

"It's an economic dream for a city our size." says Hearne Mayor Ruben Gomez.

Gomez says the project would bring a thousand news jobs during construction and 200 permanent jobs.

"We're talking about our local retailers, restaurants, all benefit. It's just a big plus for Hearne." The 200 million dollar project would make the biggest rail yard in Texas, at around six miles long.

Union Pacific spokesperson, Raquel Espinoza, says there's a reason why they're choosing this location. "Right now we are in the preliminary stages and we have conducted reaching out to some of the landowners and we plan to work with them to ensure that we can make an agreement that would work for everyone."

"This particular location would be a strategic point for Union Pacific because it would allow us to connect trains traveling to and from Houston, Fort Worth, and San Antonio," says Espinzoa. The area is a crossroads for multiple routes.

However, the land still belongs to the owners and Mayor Gomez understands that. "There's a lot of history behind the property they're proposing to take. It's been in the family for many many years and I think that's the biggest issue. And I do understand that and I also understand that business is business."

Mayor Gomez plans to meet with Union Pacific tomorrow. If the project does get the green light, it would involve a three year process.