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Birthday Celebration with BB Gun Ends with Three Arrests


COLLEGE STATION- Two men went to jail in College Station Wednesday morning after they were seen shooting a BB gun in a motel parking lot. 

College Station police found 26 year-old Clinton Kerns and 27 year old Austin Dooley shortly after three Wednesday morning.  Officers say when they got to the EZ Inn Motel off Texas Avenue in College Station, they saw the two men shooting a BB gun at an electronic meter next to the lot. 

Police say they were intoxicated after celebrating a friend's birthday.  The friend was asleep in the motel room.  Police arrested the two men for criminal mischief and mentioned the danger of shooting a BB gun in public. 

"Right now, especially right now, with the heightened awareness of assault rifles and such," College Station spokesperson Rhonda Seaton said.  "They indicated that the rifle that they had did look real and even though it was a BB gun, to somebody coming into the parking lot, it would be quite alarming to see individuals out in the parking lot with what appeared to be a real gun at three o'clock in the morning."

Police say they were shooting the gun to set the sights.  The gun was a birthday present for one of the men's sons. 

Police found the third friend, Derrick Sherrod, asleep in a motel room with a loaded handgun next to him.  Police say the door was open so Sherrod was charged with public intoxication.

Both men have been released from the Brazos County Jail.