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Texas A&M's Outsourced Company Losing Workers


By Adam Hammons

COLLEGE STATION-  Half of the original 1,600 workers that used to work for Texas A&M have left for other jobs since outsourcing to Compass Group USA. 

With less than two weeks until fall classes start, previous and current employees of Compass group say roughly 800 custodial, maintenance, and dining services workers have left. 

"We cleaned a 16 story building," previous Compass Group and Texas A&M employee Sandra Roney said.  "There's only one us left in it, one."

Roney says she left for three reasons: loss of her retirement funded through the state school, better wages elsewhere, and a lack of respect from the deal in the first place. 

"People staying there being loyal to A&M," Roney said.  "Then they just kicking us out like we were nothing, you know what I'm saying? People staid there with no raises for a lot of years."

Roney says most other people are leaving for the same reasons.  She says a lot of workers left for the new College Station High School.  While those jobs start out low on the totem pole, she says they pay better than Compass. 

Compass Group USA released this statement Thursday: 

"Chartwells and SSC Service Solutions are pleased to report that the workforce transition is going smoothly and that dining and facilities operations will be ready to meet the needs of the Texas A&M campus on opening day."

However Roney is not convinced because she says this is the first time the company has ever dealt with maintenance and custodial services along with dining services. 

"So I have no idea how they're going to be able to handle this without the experienced personnel," she said. 

Another employee who is still working with Compass, says the entire campus is down to one full-time plumber and one part-time plumber.  Fall classes start on August 27.