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Fidelity Shooting Victim Recovering After Being Shot Twice


By Adam Hammons

BRYAN-  The 51 year old shooting victim from Monday is recovering in the hospital. 

Barbara Holdsworth had been shot two times Monday before going to the hospital.  When she got there, doctors say the prospects didn't look promising.  However, the bullets could have done more damage than they did.

"She had two gunshot wounds," Trauma Services physician Adair Deverry-Carlisle said.  "One to the left chest, the bullet entered her left chest, split in half and went on either side of her heart, and it did not damage her heart. The other bullet entered her right shoulder and exited her left shoulder, crossed her back, broke multiple bones along her spine, multiple ribs, and did not violate her spinal cord."

Deverry-Carlisle and a family friend talked with the media Friday about how Holdsworth is doing.  Doctors say she's progressing really well, talking and walking at the hospital. 

"Throughout this ordeal, we have experienced some joy," family friend Andrea Jones said.  
"I think we've experienced joy in each other, joy in the friendships and relationships that we share as a family. It's been really tough on her friends, but we've done this together."

While doctors say there's still a lot of healing and probably surgeries still to go, they were in a positive mood.  They even cracked some jokes.

"And it has been remarkable, everyday really," Jones said.  "With the little baby steps that she's taking and one of the ones that brought such joy to us was that indeed when the nurse came in, when she finally got the breathing tube out and they said, 'How are you doing?' and she said, 'I'm so thirsty,' and the nurse said, 'We'll bring you some ice chips,' and Barbara said, 'Oh, I got to have a Dr Pepper."

She went on to say that Dr Pepper was the curing power Holdsworth needed.  However, it was the doctors that have saved Holdsworth's life.