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Testimony continues in the Nancy Gelber Trial


The state rested and the defense called three witnesses when the Murder-for-Hire Trial continued Thursday. The court learned more about the informant who gave investigators the tip about Nancy Gelber's intention to hire a hitman to murder her husband.

Thursday's trial proceedings started off with two witnesses swearing in at the same time. One of them was Nancy Gelber, however, she did not give her testimony.

The defense called in Gelber's home health care nurse and friend Kelly Mizell, and she testified that Gelber had Parkinson's disease and needed brain surgery. Mizell was with Nancy Gelber the day she went to the sheriff's office to be questioned about her husband's make believe death.

"When we got into the vehicle after the sheriff's department," Mizell said. "And keep in mind I was still thinking it was a car wreck. She said, I don't need to worry they always interview the spouse first. And I think that was a little off-hand"

33-year-old Jeremy Kidd, the informant to investigators, was brought in next to testify, and he told the jury about his past drug addiction and how he supplied meth to Gelber and Mizell. The defense pointed out Kidd's extensive criminal history, and how his cooperation was only to reduce his charges.

Kidd kept repeating that his only intentions were to save a man's life.

"I think I was doing the right thing morally and I think at the time of my life it was a big deal to morally do the right thing," Kidd said.

At the end of the day Kidd told jurors Nancy Gelber came up with several ideas to get rid of her husband including a drive by shooting.