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Buckholts City Council Votes No Confidence in Mayor


A mayor and a city council are at odds in Buckholts as the council voted no confidence in mayor Hal Senkel. 

The city council decided to vote no confidence in Senkel Thursday night.  City officials say it's because of a letter Senkel sent to the Texas Workforce Commission.  Mayor pro tem Kathy Mayes says in that letter Senkel did not support the council. 

The letter was sent in support of former Buckholts police chief James Blackmon.  The city council had previously fired Blackmon back in August.  The letter lists two occasions when Blackmon was cooperative and says, "Based on these facts, I do not feel mister Blackmon was insubordinate."

Mayes says the letter itself would have been okay if it was sent by Senkel as a person, not the mayor.  Mayes says the letter was sent with city stationery and Senkel signed the bottom of the letter as the mayor. 

Mayes says the vote of no confidence is basically a formal reprimand and does not change anything.  Senkel did apologize to the council Thursday night and said he made a mistake.  Mayes says while the integrity of the council has been compromised, the council just wants to move forward. 

A Buckholts resident who lives down the street from Senkel says he's a nice man.  He says he still trusts Senkel to be mayor. 

"I remember one time I was cutting down some trees," Buckholts resident Jon Strals said.  "He come by and he said, 'Hey, you need any help?' So I believe he knows what he's doing."

Senkel will stay on as mayor until his term ends in May 2013. 

The city has not found a replacement for former chief Blackmon.  City officials do say they have several interviews in the next few weeks.